Santa Lucia

St. Lucia’s Day, or the festival of lights, is celebrated in Norway, Sweden, and all Swedish-speaking states of Finland on the 13th of December in honour of the great St. Lucia, one of the earliest Christian martyrs who was killed by Romans in 304 AD because of her views on Christianity. In some Scandinavian states, … Read more


From the previous years, people have been uniquely celebrating festivities. Festivities were meant to bring people together and share love and adoration among each other. While many celebrations might be planned and executed, the Yule festival can be said to be celebrated all over the world. Though not many people are familiar with it, it … Read more


INTRODUCTION Christmas is undoubtedly the single most widely celebrated holiday in the world. Nonetheless, this holiday is often characterized by excessive spending, too much commercialization, and indulgence in pleasures. It is not uncommon for most households to be stretched to their breaking points. Because of these weaknesses, many have had no otherwise but to seek … Read more


Every last day of the year Japanese usually have a traditional celebration known as Omisoka. They indulge themselves in essential activities on new year’s eve. Misoka was the name used to mean the end of the month, so the people later changed it to the last day of the year as Omisoka. They also refer … Read more

Boxing Day

On the heels of Christmas is a new holiday, the boxing day. Celebrated on 26th December, boxing day has become an unofficial holiday in many countries. While most associate the day with receiving gifts, it is also a day to celebrate both loved ones and the idea of family. On this day, many hold family … Read more


Christmas is the annual Christian festival rejoicing the birth of Jesus Christ, held on December 25 in the Western ecclesiastical. The ancient or traditional date of 25ft of December goes back as far as A.D.270. Two pagan holidays honouring the universe were also celebrated on the same day, and it is possible that this day/date … Read more


The history of the Kwanzaa holiday It is a week-long celebration held in the united states of America that help in honouring the African heritage, which involves the African-American culture. The one week starts from December twenty-sixth up to the first day of the following new year. The process consists in giving gifts, and massive … Read more


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE HANUKKAH HOLIDAY Hanukkah holiday is a Jewish holiday that happens in eight nights. The holiday may happen in November or December, depending on the planning put in place. Many people that young aged people may not understand the history and the tradition which happened during this period. Here … Read more

New Year’s Eve

For thousands of years, people have congregated in large groups to celebrate this holiday. It’s not out of the ordinary to see people gathering at a party or ball to ring in the New Year. This celebration marks the end of one year and the start of another. Some traditions even involve making predictions for … Read more